Try before you buy

HoneyBook simplified my process so I could get time back and grow my business. Check out how!

  • Everything is organized in one place, so I’m not jumping back and forth between tools
  • I send branded proposals that let clients e-sign and pay in one go 
  • Automations help me get important info to clients at the right time
  • I set up tasks for myself so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Did I mention they have an app?


And you can sign up with my link at just $1/mo for your first eight months. Seriously, I wish I had joined HoneyBook earlier! 


Things I love about HoneyBook


  1. It’s so easy to use
  2. I can make templates for everything
  3. Did I mention they have an app?!
  4. Customer service is so helpful! 
  5. Allows me to customize invoices for different project types


Let’s talk about the perks


  1. Send your invoice, contract and accept payment all in one place
  2. Set up tasks for yourself so nothing slips through the cracks
  3. Automations to streamline my business
  4. The contact form on my website sends all my inquiries to HoneyBook
  5. Automated payment reminders?! Yes, please!



Do yourself (and your business) a favor! Get HoneyBook for just $1/mo for your first eight months! My gift to you saves you hundreds of dollars in the 1st year.

Learn how to get your business organized using HoneyBook. Use my link to start a free trial and get access for $1/month for 8 months.

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